Extra Thick & Lush Seasonal Holiday Tinsel Garland each 7.62 meters (25 ft) Long. Perfect for Christmas, New Year's Eve, Birthdays, Parties, Festive Occasion & Events. 2 Pack - 50 Ft total. Color: White




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Each Extra-Thick & Lush Strand At 25' (7.62 meters) long x 3" wide, this super deluxe full multi-layer and super thick garland provides plenty of sparkle for use in decorating indoor or outdoor seaonal holiday display. Perfect for Christmas, New Year's Eve, Birthdays, Parties, Festive Occasion & Events. Qty: 2 strands per package. 50 Ft. Total.


This shimmering fine incomparably lush tinsel decoration adds color and elegance to your home, office, public or private party decor. Available in a variety of rich assorted colors: Gold, Silver, Green, Red, White, Black, Blue and multicolor.


Perfect for your front entryway, gate, fence and more. It is versatile and can be used, and re-used to decorate a variety of festivities, special events, settings and arrangements: door, wall, tree, wreath, table top, centerpiece, decorative accents and more. A great value for adding pizzazz to any occasion.


The bright shiny strands are easy to string together, or hang separately. They can be wound around, hung, wrapped or draped up, down or across for a variety of decorative beautiful effects.

This Love It! Products brand high quality decorative ultra extra fluffy super lush tinsel garland is suitable for decorating any room or exterior and adds pizzazz to any occasion. The unique size is larger than many others on the market yielding a bold and exciting festive accent for any season or special event. You will love it!


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Your tinsel is thick and fluffy. I love it and will use it again next Halloween.
Candy | Publish Date: 18/06/22


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